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Mad_Eye_Grumpy_Guts' Moan Zone

Disturb at your own peril

Alastor (Mad Eye) Moody
7 November 1923
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appearance (short version):
Moody is not particularly tall but is scarred. He has a magical eye which can see through anything and is particularly frightening to those not used to seeing it. When moving about among Muggles he wears a bowler hat to hide his eye.
history (short version):
Moody was born on 7th November 1923. His father Boricaw Moody owned the only Wizarding Inn on the flight route from London up to Edinburgh. He was friends with a young wizard from his village and remained friends with him even when they were sorted into different houses at Hogwarts. (Moody into Gryfindor, his friend into Slytherin). The only time they ever fell out was when Moody fell in love and Married a muggleborn girl named Charlotte. His friend was mortified. He sought Moody and Charlotte out when they left school (Moody was training to be an auror at the time) and, along with some other dark wizards, killed charlotte and wounded Moody. Moody was part of the party which eventually caught up with his friend and was personally involved in his placement in Azkaban.
Personality (short version):
Moody is grumpy, but has a real soft spot if you can find it. He is always alert and has an incredibly paranoid streak. He is bitter, cynical and generally a real house party. He's also quite lonely though you wouldn't know it. He has an air of authority due to being the Head of the Auror Office and likes to make sure trainee Aurors know it.